Overcoming Our Fears From The Past

In every arena of your life, you have sinned just like everybody else, and God is saying, “You don’t understand what you’re doing when you do this to other people. You’re releasing it back on yourself.” When we judge our parents

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Dealing with Self-Judgement

When you know someone’s pulling you towards it, you just need to stop them and say, “We’re not going there. Sorry. You can say all the evil things you want about this person, but I will not do that with you

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Is Judgement Your Friend?

The focus is from an impure heart. Now, here’s the kind of judging Jesus doesn’t want you doing. Anger. Envy. Jealousy. Blaming people. These are motived from an impure heart. That’s what Jesus is after. Now, come on. You realize this.

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