Desire To Embrace


Remember, when children are newborns, they are brand new blank pages. It’s the parents’ role to model embrace, so the child can come to understand it. When we as parents are hugging and kissing our children, they might have some basic instinct to want to be loved but children don’t know how to be loved at first.

They want to sleep, and they want to cry, and they want to be fed. That’s the basic tendencies that they then have. But parents are responsible for embracing them, for drawing them near, for talking to them tenderly and with kindness, and we as parents do this because we’re setting a foundation in them so that they can experience wholeness and understand what love is over their entire lives.

Somehow, too many of us have turned Christianity into, “This isn’t what it means to walk with God.” It’s mostly intellectual going through our heads, and it is learning paths of righteousness without the embrace of the Father. The whole idea of God being a father, and us trying to model it when we love our children, when we hug our children, when we kiss our children, when we encourage our children is so vitally important to incorporate into our understanding and practice, not only of loving our children, but of letting Father-God love us!

My children are adults now, and they come up to me and say, “Hey, I need a hug, dad.” Well, just so, as a child of God that knows Him and relates to Him, we can turn to the Lord and say, “Hey, I need a hug from You right now. I need Your embrace right now.” And you know what, God is willing to do this. In fact, He wants to do this!


About the Author:

I am the Chairman and CEO of Plumbline Ministries, the ministry has been around the world for 20 years, teaching and equipping people in the ministry of Jesus to transform families and friends.

I have been married to my wife,Kellie, for thirty-two years. We have three children. We live outside of Kansas City, Misssouri.

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