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Are you desperate to hear God? Simple steps to put into your life so you can? Can you find how to do this so that you grow and maturity day in and day out? In this training sessions, we will learn:

  • The biblical foundation for the voice of the Lord, that will give you peace.
  • You will be confident in hearing the Lord.
  • Finally, you will connect with the voice of the Lord and understand his love and embrace.

What people say about Brian’s training:

Brian has a gift for making the complicated simple and the seemingly unattainable achievable. He clearly explains fundamental truths in a detailed and straightforward way with many examples that help people relate practically to the information.

Brian is personable and genuinely cares for his students. His teaching style is informative, mature, and keeps you interested and anxious to hear more. His focus is to take us deeper both in our relationship with God and in the knowledge of His ways.”

Pastor Rod Marquette

Destiny Church