Overcoming Our Fears From The Past

In every arena of your life, you have sinned just like everybody else, and God is saying, “You don’t understand what you’re doing when you do this to other people. You’re releasing it back on yourself.” When we judge our parents in one area, for instance, the curse will be upon us in the area in which we judged them.

Let’s say we have an inner vow to never spend time with our parents, or we say things like, “My parents never love me.” What if they never did love you? When you nail them on that and don’t let it go, the power of you not feeling love from them will rest on you until you resolve that issue. You won’t feel love from anybody.

You’ve blocked it by dishonoring your parents, OK? God does not want you dishonoring them. Judging people in an area will put the bondage upon us that they’re in. This is the concept of curses and why they continue from one generation to the next.

The curse of another has an effect on you. If you’re affected by a curse, you may then get bitter about it. You may make an inner vow toward it, which can release the same negative power into your own life.

Then you may pass it on to your kids. Your kids may get mad and angry at you because you did the same thing. They might take an inner vow about it also, and boom. It goes into their lives.

If we don’t let these resentments go, we will be putting ourselves in bondage. The answer is transformation through repentance.

Now let’s go back to the parent issue. A big issue for many people is their parents – the way their parents raised them and the effect that has had on them. Do you know that most of the stuff that people are doing wrong is directly tied with how they were raised?


About the Author:

I am the Chairman and CEO of Plumbline Ministries, the ministry has been around the world for 20 years, teaching and equipping people in the ministry of Jesus to transform families and friends.

I have been married to my wife,Kellie, for thirty-two years. We have three children. We live outside of Kansas City, Misssouri.

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