Is Your Prophetic Ministry Foolish?


[su_dropcap]I[/su_dropcap]t’s been said that God is wanting to take the prophetic from the church to the streets, and I believe it. People, we are in desperate need of a workable marketplace model of ministry to do this.

Just try going to your workplace and blow your breathe directly in someone’s face!  Just see what happens. It’s only in church that we do some of this crazy stuff, and even then, it can be easily misunderstood.
Try taking your coat off and when a sick person comes by, go ahead and hit them right in the stomach, okay?  I’m being serious.  People do that!  I’m being silly, but I’m serious at the same time.  If it isn’t going to work in the work world, why do we try those kind of things in church?
Yes, I know we can be enjoying the presence of God during such times, I understand that, but I’m just challenging you for a minute.  Many of the models I have seen in church, I tried to take them to the work place, and they just don’t work. They can get us branded as crazy or even get us fired.
Trust me, they will not be blown away in any good way.  They won’t think we’re awesome.  Some are apathetic about the Lord while others downright hate Him. We are representing Him and they’d rather not talk to you at all or even look at you.  So, we need a different format.
If a format works in the world, then it will work in the church as well.  Because all ministry, all the glory of God, can and will rest on us, abide in us, not only in our own behalf but so we can reach a lost world.
We can abide with the manifest presence of the glory of God resting on us every day and still act like we normally do.  Drama kings and queens for Christ need not and should not be in ministry and don’t have much of a future.
Now look. I have the presence of God on me on a regular basis and I still work on the computer like a regular office worker.  It’s amazing.  I don’t have to lay on the ground for three hours, roll around on the floor, shout religious-sounding phrases at the top of my voice or quote Bible texts all day long to everyone at the office when I’m supposed to be getting a report ready or finish by a deadline, to be a good witness for my Lord. A big part of our faith is learning to manage so that things come in on time and on budget. There’s much of the true faith in that!
I’m trying to be humorous but I trust that you are getting the point. We can get words of knowledge during the day and see things over people at the office or on the construction site without getting hyper-religious or ridiculous about it. Remember, the Lord is looking for the right thing at the right time at the right place.
As the Lord grows prophetic ministers and His people up more, it prepares us for greater spiritual renewal as a people. Let’s turn our attention to learning to distinguish true revival from false revival.

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About the Author:

I am the Chairman and CEO of Plumbline Ministries, the ministry has been around the world for 20 years, teaching and equipping people in the ministry of Jesus to transform families and friends.

I have been married to my wife,Kellie, for thirty-two years. We have three children. We live outside of Kansas City, Misssouri.