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Restore Your Passion For God

God’s called you to do great things, Life gets overwhelming and you feel lost on how to accomplish this. Plumbline Training Institute has a simple plan to help you reach your destiny. Stop being ineffective, become all that God intended for you.

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Plumbline Training Institute

Kingdom of God Basic Training
Prophecy Basic – Advance
Healing Basic Training
Destiny Basic Training
Prayer Intercession Training
Discipleship Basic Training

Welcome to Plumbline Training Institute

-Paul Fread

Plumbline has changed the way I hear from God (He likes to speak in so many different ways!), how I relate to Him as my Father, and what it means to advance His Kingdom. Plumbline rocketed my entire understanding of who God is and how He relates to me. I couldn’t be more grateful for this ministry.

Sarah, Iowa

Brian thanks for being frank and honest…and for explaining regarding regarding the spirit realm.

Jim, Minneapolis

Brian has the ability to present complicated subjects in a clear, easy to understand approach that is backed by the Word of God. I so appreciate him.

Steve, Colorado

Discover the Process to Effective Ministry.

What would it be like to know what God has called you too? Being able to walk it out, overcome the struggles that get in your way, overcome your fears in believing you’re not worthy for this and live in joy as you walk out of your destiny?

Core Connection 1:

Learn the fundamentals of what healthy relationship with God it Is like. We believe that God wants to restore your identity. We give you the teaching and tools to do this.

School of prayer – we’ve been called to prayer, because of the confusion about how to pray, feeling like your prayers are not answered and having a sense of ineffectiveness. Most people don’t pray, this course was designed to give you the simple and powerful steps transform your prayer life.

18 Hrs of Video Training

Awakening the kingdom within – Jesus has called you to a new life, most of us don’t know what that life looks like. This course develops the doors of grace and our lives and how to access them to experience all the Jesus intended for us.

24 Hrs of Video Training

School for the prophetic –Basic and advance – the Bible teaches that you can hear God’s voice. Most people do not feel like they hear the voice over well or know how to test and weigh if it is him speaking to them. This course develops the simple foundation of God’s voice and how to speak for him.

48 Hrs of Video Training

Core Connection 2:

Learn how to be mentored by the word of God and by the power of the spirit.

School of destiny –  the Bible states that you were created for a purpose, most people cannot find this, if they do have a sense of what they were created to do, they need simple steps to walk it out. This course takes an through three-step process of learning their destiny.

36 Hrs of Video Training

Spiritual gifts training – God is made himself available with his gifts. Because of the confusion around the gifts, most people do not study or participate with them. This course develops his simplicity and the power of functioning with giftedness.

24 Hrs of Video Training

Renewal and discipleship – Jesus told us to make disciples of all nations, but how do you go about that? In this course, Will look at the four mandates that Jesus presents. Getting closer to the Lord, walking with believers, engaging with nonbelievers and the power and presence of the Holy Spirit.

36 hrs of Video Training

Core Connection 3:

Learn how the power of community encourages and it inspires you to walk out God’s call on your life

Advancing the Kingdom of God – Jesus commands us to make disciples of all nations, how do you go about doing that? This course lays out before mandates of advancing The Kingdom.

30 Hrs of Video Training

School healing – it is God’s nature to heal, most people don’t know how to walk with him in this vital ministry. This course develops the basic to advance understanding of the healing ministry that is available today.

36 Hrs of Video Training

Profound and Effective Training – All The Powerful Secrets

“Learn at your own pace”
-Brian Fenimore

This powerful training can be learned at your own pace.

Each video will create powerful change in your life.

Discover how the Plumbline Training will help you become more passionate for the Lord and compassionate for people.

If you grow in your ability to do effective ministry to the point where there’s that instant impact and excitement, that causes people to come into the relationship with the Lord, your never going to consider what the cost of this training is.

Hear What People Say

Who Teaches the Course?

Hi, I’m Brian Fenimore. I am the author of Voice of the Lord ThundersFoundation for the Prophetic MinistryHeart Standard for the Prophetic MinistryAdvancing the kingdom of GodAwakening the Kingdom of GodExploring Spiritual GiftsPhilosophy of Vision  In the books, we discuss the importance of creating a relationship with God, His plan and how to do it.

My Content

For years, I have had people write in and refer to me as their mentor. I finally decided to own that role and be intentional about it. My mission is to help people connect with God, Fulfill His plan for your life.


How much are you confused by how to go deep with the Lord? How many potential people can’t receive from you, because you don’t know what your doing?

Can people understand why they need your ministry or counsel? A lack of effectiveness already leaving your behind in life?


100’s Paradigm shift packed videos

Exclusive access to additional videos and resources

Collaboration with an exclusive group of leaders

Live Workshop
+ travel expenses Private Workshop


$$199 Trial for a Week -Then $35monthly
  • Continual Video Training Released – Exclusive access to additional videos and resources – paradigm shift packed videos


  • Continual Video Training Released – Exclusive access to additional videos and resources – paradigm shift packed videos
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