Rules for Strategic Healing

I’m going to talk especially about healing because that’s where faith usually seems to really affect people because, really, they’re trying to get healed. People don’t understand this, and they think what I’m supposed to do is, I’m supposed to stand on a word without any assurance that God is going to do this thing for me and now show faithfulness in the word of healing.

Now, oh, I know. I’m just scared out of my mind, and I understand what the scripture says, so I’m going to just position myself to get this thing from Him without ever talking the Lord about it or letting the Lord come speak to me about it.

By the way, and since healing is so confusing to everybody, I just want to bring it up, but the same thing with deliverance. When someone’s going to get delivered, you sense the power of the Lord there, and He tells you to say that. I mean, how could that be any simpler than that? If I try to do deliverance without the Lord telling me, it’s just a wrestling match.

It is me and the demon. And he is usually winning until the Lord tells me what to do. So, God has to give you a trust in your heart. Produce trust inside of you that if you’re growing in faith right now, it’s because of the Lord producing it inside of you. It wasn’t your ability to do it. Does that make sense to you guys?


About the Author:

I am the Chairman and CEO of Plumbline Ministries, the ministry has been around the world for 20 years, teaching and equipping people in the ministry of Jesus to transform families and friends. I have been married to my wife,Kellie, for thirty-two years. We have three children. We live outside of Kansas City, Misssouri.

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