Seeing God In Pictures


There’s this movie that was really popular several years ago. They put out a sequel after that, It’s entitled, “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”. The first movie is about this young woman who thought she was ugly.

I won’t tell you the whole movie. I don’t want to be a spoiler. But I’ll tell you enough. She thought she was ugly and so she thinks she’d never find somebody. But she finds this guy. They fall in love. But her father is giving them a little bit of a hard time.

Her guy is trying to figure out how to relate to the family. Remember I told you I am in a learning curve concerning how to be kind because in our culture it’s not okay for me to sob uncontrollably when I watch a movie about love touches their hearts.

We think we have to act like we don’t care that much about things like this and become unemotional like Spock on Star Trek, right? I’m watching this in our house one night. I love how God does these kinds of things to me. He catches me off guard.

The characters in this movie are just doing their thing. They’re being silly. It’s a comedy. the father and the mother of the bride are giving their announcements. They’re doing their Greek thing.

The father of the bride doesn’t really know what to say so he just hands his daughter an envelope. The son-in-law and daughter open the envelope. They get caught off guard. The son in-law says “They bought us a house.”

All of a sudden the daughter starts weeping because extravagant love is being shown to her. When I watched this I felt the embrace of the Father-God.

I realized that these are the kind of things that God does for us, these things that we don’t acknowledge sometimes. But if we’ll take a moment we can have an extravagant love experience like the one we saw in that movie. It’s been ordained for us to have extravagant moments being caught off guard by the kindness of the Lord.


About the Author:

I am the Chairman and CEO of Plumbline Ministries, the ministry has been around the world for 20 years, teaching and equipping people in the ministry of Jesus to transform families and friends.

I have been married to my wife,Kellie, for thirty-two years. We have three children. We live outside of Kansas City, Misssouri.

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